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I am going to make it a little easier on you by splitting the Hymnal with  this directory of links...  
Note that There are 54 parodies here...Including a full set of Jokers...  Well...Yahoo's deck is full...but the jokers are the only cards to be found...  (My apologies to you card players out there...)

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A Fond Farewell
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Ode To Yahoo   Revised Ode
The YaGropes Thing   www.yahell
Yahoo SUCKS!!! Sweet Torture
Kiss THIS! Shaving Cream (Yahoo version)
Boot Scootin' Yahoo Take Me Away
Yahoo Glitches   We Swear
Yahoo Needs A Change   Stinkin' Problem
Take Your Groups and Shove It Rotten Yahell Groups
Welcome To My Yahoo   In Old Yahoo  
A Lyrical Vent Dull Drab Site
Groups Of Yahoo The Ballad Of Lost Clubs
The Yahoo Groups Bad Move  
Is There Life In There??? German Trilogy
Ballad of The Yahoo Groups Yahoo's Not Fit For Roaches
What Should We Do With a Site Like Yahoo??? See Us Disappear
King Of All Spam We Hate Yahoo
The Yahoo Song Drink! Drink! Drink!  
A Yahoo Ditty   Are They Lonesome Tonight?
Yahoo IS the Weakest Link A Sickening Site
Hate Yahoo Groups Take Me Out Of Old Yahoo
Marriage From Hell Run Far Away
I'm Madder Leave Yahoo
Goodbye Yahoo A Fond Farewell
String Them Up High OUT Go the Members
O Kiss My Ass Good Riddance To You
The Flies Of Yahoo Leaving Yahoo Now
Yahoo Groups SUCK!!!! Goodbye (Rated R)