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Good Riddance To You
(To “Good Morning To You”)
Good riddance to you
You got what you’re due
We really do hate you
Please don’t continue
Good riddance to you
You suck and you blew
Why did you choose Yahoo
Hey…Your nose sure grew…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt 
O Kiss My Ass
(To “Danny Boy”)
O Kiss my ass
Yahoo I will not be returning
Your groups lack class
Message boards not burning
Our temper’s gone
You wonder where you went wrong
It is your groups
Which is picked up with scoops
Please send us back
To clubs where the boards attack
With our long posts
Not in towns of ghosts
We’d still be there
If clubs showed up everywhere
Go kiss our ass
Groups have no class
We hate Yahoo…
But if you lie
More members will start there leaving
And hope that you die
From of all that heaving
Landing on you
Looks like the groups of Yahoo
We all will flee
If those groups still there be
And I still hear
Yahoo’s curses through the year
As if their dreams
Are now in shattered gleams
We shall defend
Our ideas till the end
On good groups smart
Will continue to win your heart…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt 
The Flies Of Yahoo
 (To "The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You")
The flies of Yahoo have took over
Their groups on this day
Those groups do not smell like clover
It cannot go away
When you think you have escaped it
At night or early in the morn
The groups of Yahoo still smell like shit
As they spam all their porn..
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
Yahoo Groups Suck
(To “’O Sole Mio”)
Oh what an eyesore Yahoo has turned into
It caused me headaches that just will not go away
For false advertising we should them sue
Cause they called it Yahoo without delay…
Yahoo groups suck
Worse every day
Here there is no luck
They won’t go away
Those groups those groups which do let
That stench go all over the net
Why did they force those groups upon us that day
When did we have anything good to them say
Those groups aren’t welcome here or anywhere
Shove them up your ass where we won’t care…
It must be a tight fit where you did hide them
Trying to create a diamond or a gem
Nothing can work with such a humongous lump
Leave that groups format of yours back at the dump…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt 
Leaving Yahoo Now
(To "You're In the Army Now")
You’re leaving Yahoo now
They’re gonna have a cow
Sick of their glitches
Those sons of bitches
Those that run Yahoo now…
They wonder why we flee
Because they’re butt ugly
Every single group
They smell worse than poop
That’s why we do them flee…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt 
(To C.W. McCall’s “Convoy”)
(In a Yahoo Groups chatroom):
malfunctioning_pos: Mad Piper seems like we’re the only ones here.  At least that’s what the chatroom reads now…
mad_piper_love: Seems like malfunctioning_pos…
malfunctioning_pos: This Yahoo chatroom needs some Viagra…
mad_piper_love: I seriously doubt if even that would work on Yahoo…
malfunctioning_pos: Popping out a bit…looks like we got us a spammer…
In Cali noon
On the sixth of June
He proved Yahoo never shows class
Turned in spam
Over a spy cam
They told him to kiss their ass
He’s ready to leave
I believe
And it’s not the same old bull…
Now Yahoo…you are fucking with the wrong people
And Yahoo you can shove your groups straight up your ass…
Cause they got disgruntled members
Leaving’ through the night
I doubt anybody remembers
They were once a beautiful sight
It was back a year or two
And their groups ain’t gonna make us stay
We’re gonna leave this fuckin’ Yahoo
They’re the weakest link…
(back to the chat room)
malfunctioning_pos: Are those spammers EVER going to quit???  I had to delete eighty of them in seven minutes…
mad_piper_love: Is Yahoo ever going to learn??
malfunctioning_pos: Damn it…those fuckers are at it again…
Has Yahoo missed
That we are pissed
And we are really going to leave???
With a mighty thrust
We made them eat our dust
Yahoo makes us want to heave
They suck all day
With no luck all day
In trying to make us return
They can’t tell
From the smell
Told them to go to hell
Where the eternal fires do burn…
Yahoo’s down and nobody cared
Their groups making everyone scared
We don’t care if they get
The worst site on the net
Because they’re shitty
And they think they’re witty
But half right is what they are
They’re a scar
On the net
And they wouldn’t let
Members even try to forget…
(In the chatroom again)
malfunctioning_pos: Now…here’s our plan…hope it works…  When we see a spammer…tell them to go back to customer service where they belong…get out the Visine and try to get our eyes back in focus and hope there’s enough of it left to last the next five minutes…
Yahoo is a creep
Who is tacky and cheap
We need an eye doctor here and soon
We still hate the groups
And they play us for dupes
They love to make misery for all
So we went in that line
As old Yahoo does whine
Where are our members leaving to
And then those mother fuckers
Had called us all suckers
And said we’d all come back to Yahoo
But we told them to fuck
Themselves all for luck
When we burned that final bridge
As we sent our troops
Over to SmartGroups
We’re all sittin’ on the ridge
Laughing our heads off
As we all laugh and scoff
At the misery that they caused
We never paused
As their ass went zoom
And we warned them not to breathe the fume…
(In the chatroom)
malfunctioning_pos: A few more minutes before we leave this POS site for a better site.  How’s Smart Groups doing at this minute???
mad_piper_love: It’s still better than Yahoo…They can still kick Yahoo’s ass…even when it’s down for repairs…
The members came to
A groups site that’s new
Which shows the members that they do care
Yahoo’s a bunch of Schmucks
And the raunchiest ducks
Won’t go back to them on a dare
And then I took a drink
Saw Yahoo’s stock sink
It just made Yahoo extinct
But a distinct
Look at Yahoo
Shouldn’t have forced them groups on you…
:(chatroom) Goodbye pal
:(chatroom) malfunctioning_pos: Piper…we’ll be seeing each other sooner than you think?
:(chatroom) mad_piper_love: You’re going there too???
:(chatroom) malfunctioning _pos: I don’t know who this is going to hurt worse…Yahoo or our former members…but at least I’ll miss the members…
:(chatroom) mad_piper_love: Good luck old friend…
:(chatroom) malfunctioning_pos: Just keep Yahoo off your ass and the have new groups showing all the class…  We’ll
:(chatroom) catch you in YaPurgatory. 
:(chatroom) mad_piper_love: Will do…and I am in there as Otto Crash…hope you don’t mind… 
:(chatroom) (both posting at the same time) Good riddance to bad rubbish…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
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