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Dull Drab Site
(To ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”)
Their flubs:
No clubs
Wond’ring why nobody’s in Yahoo???
Their fads:
SPAM ads
Come on every click or two…
We run to SmartGroups as if we’re in flight
Coz nobody’s crazy about a dull, drab site…
Logged on
Posts are gone
And pretty soon my clubs are too
We should sue
Coz what they call it really isn’t true…
We run to SmartGroups as if we’re in flight
Coz nobody’s crazy about a dull, drab site…
I’m through
Yahoo really makes my eyes so sore
Bad luck
They suck
Don’t want to be here anymore
We run to SmartGroups as if we’re in flight
Coz nobody’s crazy about a dull, drab, site…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
The Groups Of Yahoo
(To “Deep In the Heart Of Texas”)
The stars at night
Don’t seem as bright
Dimmed by the groups of Yahoo
Those ads they spam
It is a sham
Deep in the groups of Yahoo
Whew, man it sure
Smells like manure
Right in the depths of Yahoo
A quote I love
Where they should shove
All of the groups of Yahoo
It’s a tight fit
I must admit
Right up the groups of Yahoo
The rabbits dare
To curse and swear
At all the groups in Yahoo
In bus and trucks
All the members of Yahoo
And we believe
That we should leave
This misery called Yahoo…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
The Yahoo Groups
To "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash

Groups are an ugly thing
In our eyes a horrid sting
Yes...I must admit
Their format is a pile of shit...

Please don't light any matches around here
Cause they'd disappear...
I fear it would explode
All over the road...
Pick up with scoops
The Yahoo Groups...

Repeat INTRO twice

The smell of Yahoo's pit
Like manure's been lit
SPAM comes every click or two
But what else here is new???

Repeat CHORUS twice

I will them tell
I'll scream and yell...

© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
The Ballad Of Lost Clubs
(To “They Call The Wind Maria”)
And now right here
We have a fear
That will not go away…
Through all that muck
Their groups sure suck
We pray they’ll go far away…
Yes…Yahoo blows
And it sure shows
Our emails over quota…
Yahoo ignores
No one adores
The spam’s everywhere you saw…
An eyesore…
Can’t take more…
They call Yahoo an eyesore…
Before we knew
That Yahoo blew
Their clubs were really run well
Despite glitches
And our bitches
Now fixed and moved all to hell…
But then one day
They went away
And pissed us off to no end…
Yes Yahoo blows
It really shows
Their class they did to us show:
They have none…
Clubs are done
They don’t want us to have fun…
The spam they send
It doesn’t end
Away from them we will flee…
To depart Groups
Into SmartGroups
The best place that you can be…
No Yahoo’s lost
Their groups I tossed
Back into the garbage can…
Oh Yahoo blows
It really shows
I wonder if it’s their plan…
No balls show
(Yahoo sucks)
We all know
(Yahoo sucks)
That Yahoo really does blow…
An eyesore…
Can’t take more…
Yahoo sure
Smells like a backed up sewer…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt  
Bad Move
(To Faith Hill’s “Breathe”)
We can see the errors flowing through their site
Every time we log in each night…
We watch Yahoo die in total disgrace
When they shoved those groups in our face…
The many improvements, despite our pleas
Before we see them, hell will freeze…
Their whole world faded away
Like our eyesight today
And now no one wants to stay…
Hey Yahoo you did prove
It’s a very bad move
When deciding to change our clubs so pure
To piles of manure…
It smells like a compost heap on fire…
It is our desire
That we ought to flee
Go to SmartGroups where all good groups are supposed to be…
Yet all you can prove…
And we know that Yahoo’s never waking up
As all our groups are breaking up…
Worse than I've ever seen before
Hey Yahoo
Get a clue
We can’t take it any more…
Hey your groups are too bright
I’m losing my eyesight…
And suddenly we’re getting all the spam…
You're nothing but a scam
Yahoo…Are you forcing us to move
For groups to improve???
We’re starting to flee
Over SmartGroups’ way where good groups are supposed to be…
Yahoo you did choose…
I can see our members leaving everywhere
Yahoo can kiss our derriere…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt 
We Hate Yahoo
(To “O Fotruna” from Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana”)
Oh it is true
We hate Yahoo
It brings misery to all…
Gets worse each day
We cannot stay
And can’t wait to see their fall…
They always swerve
On ev’ry nerve
They wonder why we’re heaving…
They’re not that bright
Because their site
Is the reason we’re leaving…
We are in flight
Another site
And from Yahoo we’re fleeing
And not too long
Our eyesight’s gone
Too much of Yahoo seeing…
Yahoo does blow
With spam they show
Really sucks more with each day…
I do believe
That we should leave
Very soon without delay…
Sick of Yahoo???
Well…I am too…
Yet think they are way too crass…
We do them tell
To go to hell
And tell them to kiss our ass…
They made us pissed
Nothing they missed
Their site’s gone down the toilet…
We’ll send our troops
On to Smart Groups
The best groups site on the net…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt