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I’m Madder
(To a theme of “Blackadder”)
The sounds of founders leaving round
Sweeter from other groups sties do sound
When they come there to post some more
And rid themselves of one big eyesore
What’s sadder
What’s sadder
Their groups make my eyes bleed
I’m madder
I’m madder
They’re very bad indeed…
Groups which suck and groups that blow
Groups in which members never show
Their groups are not where you should go
Improvements are a constant no show
I’m madder
I’m madder
They never showed much class
I’m madder
I’m madder
Yahoo can kiss my ass…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
Leave Yahoo
(To “If You’re Happy And You Know It”)
If you’re losing your eyesight
Leave Yahoo
If you’re blinded by the light
Leave Yahoo
Their groups suffer from mange
Screw their day old spam exchange
All you have to do
Is leave Yahoo…
If you think Yahoo’s not bright
Leave Yahoo
If by day or by night
Leave Yahoo
Their groups really are strange
Spam’s all they can arrange
All you have to do
Is leave Yahoo…
If you really want a bomb
Just stay calm
Cause Yahoo’s always there
Curse and swear
Their groups there’s no one there
Any questions how to dare
How they got so bare
Blame Yahoo…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
Goodbye Yahoo
(To “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” by Allan Sherman/Ponchielli)
Goodbye Yahoo
Your groups sure suck
And it is true
Run by true schmucks…
It’s so bad there’s no believing
And they say we’d have some fun when we stop heaving…
There’s no liking
Groups of yahoo
We told them to
Go start hiking
Take mile long ones without a tear
Preferably off a fifty foot pier…
All the spammers and the bait-ers
Feed them to the alligators
See the members all run and flee
Away from those groups because they are butt ugly
Now I don’t think I can take more
But those groups made both my eyes sore
See the members go in hiding
In other groups sites I see them all sliding…
Take me out
I hate Yahoo’s groups
Get me out
Stomach turns in loops
Just leave there
That damn spam is everywhere
It will turn you into a bear
Just leave now
You continue to have a cow
Customer service is a joke
Oh please don’t make me stay
I’ve been here one whole day…
Leaving Yahoo???
I don’t blame you…
Their groups would scare the Hell’s Angels
Hear them ringing Yahoo’s death knells
I’m glad to see you
Are leaving that damn Yahoo
We should all sue
That damn Yahoo
And all its false advertising
Called it Yahoo…tempers rising
Name’s misleading
Goodbye to Yahoo’s spam ring…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
A Fond Farewell
(To “I Wish I Was Dead” from “On The Town”)
They blew
Their groups suck too
I’m glad with those groups I am through
The deal I just don’t want for you:
Into that nut house…and carried…
I’m through
I threw a shoe
At those damned bastards called Yahoo
For ruining a site once true
I wish they were dead and buried…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
String Them Up High
(To “Live And Let Die”)
When they were good
And Yahoo understood what would
Make successful clubs go so high
(You never did
You always hid
Your groups sure slid)
Now it’s such a butt ugly site
Which gives us a fright
It makes me want to cry
Let’s string them up high…
(Up in the sky)
Don’t ask me why
(But we know why)
I’m glad I’m leaving today…
When you create a groups site you have to do it well
And not have members tell you “go to hell”
They’ve gone beyond what I’ll forgive
(Turned to a sieve,
They’re intrusive,
Big laxative)
It’s become a butt ugly site
Which gives us a fright
It makes me want to cry
Let’s string them up high…
(Up in the sky)
String ‘em up high
(Yahoo does lie)
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
OUT Go the Members
(To "Pop Goes The Weasel")
We suffered through those butt ugly groups
That are full of nincompoops
Because Yahoo our anger stirs
OUT go the members
They shouldn't have rid us of clubs
And forced us to go in pubs
Because still our anger stirs
OUT go the members
We're leaving this damn old Yahoo now
We're about to have a cow
Cause Yahoo our anger still stirs
OUT go the members...
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt