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Is There Life In There
(To Reba McEntyre’s “Is there Life Out There?”)
There were once a pretty good site
Though with them we did fight
When clubs didn’t work…
We didn’t think they’d be a jerk
And begin forcing us all out
With migraines about
And now we’re screaming with all our might:
Is there life in there???
Echoes everywhere
Deadly silence…
Yahoo’s really that dense…
Done all we could do
To pull our members through…
Don’t really want to leave
Yet we will all dry heave
If we stay in there…
Moving them all tomorrow
And without any pity or sorrow
This time they did something foolish
The spam ads arrive
Us out the did drive
I wonder if that was their wish???
There’s a place on the net
We cannot forget
The memories…
And despite our pleas
They have forced us out
As our heads scream and shout
From Smart Groups we hear
Yahoo’s members disappear:
There’s no life in there…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
(To "Our Site Sucks ")
Yahoo stinks and it sucks!
It ain't the place to spend your bucks
Yahoo sucks!
Their site's real bad...
It's sad there's no excusing
Those glitches, so sad
The members they're confusing...
Their groups site really blows
It definitely shows
So they'll try to screw up a brand new format
That looks like a bad chain letter in mid-chat!
Yahoo stinks and it sucks!
It's just that they really don't give a f#$%
Yahoo SUCKS!!!
© 2001 Ludwig van Catt  
The Yahoo Song
(With apologies to Mickey Mouse...)
What’s the site that makes us sick
With every single click???
Y-A-H-Double-O S-U-C-K-S
They wouldn’t even let
You stay there on a bet…
Y-A-H-Double-O S-U-C-K-S
Yahoo sucks
(Yahoo sucks)
Yahoo sucks
(Yahoo sucks)
Forever we will hold that finger high
And we know why
Just be strong
You can’t go wrong
And leave Yahoo to dry
Y-A-H-Double-O S-U-C-K-S
Now’s the time to leave Yahoo
They haven’t got a clue
Y-A-H, Goodbye to spam
Double-O, They don’t give a damn
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
(Three parodies for the price one this time...)
"German Trilogy"
1. We're Leaving Yahoo
(To "Hoch soll er leben")

Spam loving Yahoo
Took over Yahoo
Made us blue...

Truth hurting Yahoo
We're leaving Yahoo
Why don't you???

Here we all go
Yahoo does blow...

© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
2. Yahoo Has No Balls
(To “Mein Hut er hat drei Ecken”)
Yahoo it has no balls here
No balls really appear
When we complain to Yahoo
Where spam should stick like glue
They won’t notice we left there
Our nerves always they tear
When we leave this site called Yahoo
Elsewhere our eyes will view…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
3. Let’s Leave Yahoo 
(To “Bruder Jakob”)
Let’s leave Yahoo!
Let’s leave Yahoo
They do blow
We do know
Can you see the spam around
Every post around so sound
We can’t see
Past post three…
Let’s leave Yahoo
Let’s leave Yahoo
For what’s new
From that zoo
All of us are sick of them
Tried to pass spam as a gem
Hands are tied
They had lied…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
Ballad Of The Yahoo Groups
(To “Ballad Of the Green Berets”)
Members leave they wonder why
The spam’s falling from the sky
They don’t care what we do say
They start to fail without delay…
Eyesores gone when we do leave
It’s uglier than they believe
They wonder why we left today
But they never cared ‘bout what we say…
Forces groups against our will
Lowered their membership to nil…
Why fight with them night and day???
Get out of there without delay…
Our eyes sore and we are pissed
We have to see an oculist
We went blind from three damned posts
Now it’s there as towns for ghosts…
Before you leave turn out the light
No one wants to go back to their site
Groups too ugly for words to say
Just leave Yahoo without delay
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt
Yahoo's Not Fit For Roaches
(To “La Cucaracha”)
Really wanna leave this Yahoo???
And I really do not blame you
You even hear the roaches complain
That Yahoo’s such a giant pain
Yahoo’s approaches
Ain’t fit for roaches
It could blind at any angle
We’d like to strangle
That damned old cockroach
Whose groups upon us did he poach…
Our heads start to spin there
Gave competition to Linda Blair
We never had that problem in clubs’
Even with their many flubs…
Their groups are such an eyesore
That we simply can’t take any more
An oculist is right on speed dial
And every member did they rile…
We all told Yahoo go to hell now
No sanity there they will allow
Before they improve Yahoo with ease
I think that hell will over freeze…
The spam’s on every single page there
And it seems that they really do not care
When asking them when it will all end
Ice hockey in hell will be the trend…
© 2002 Ludwig van Catt