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Here it is...Parody # 100

(To "Eye Of the Tiger")

Yahoo's weak...everyone knows
Quality it never shows
They tried to prance
Their groups are the best dance
But will they stop stepping on our toes???

So many times
No reason or rhymes
Seem to work for their self glory
They lost their grip on the reality
That their fight to survive has been lost...

In the fight for survival
They relied on the bull
And to spread it as thick as they can throw it
It is now their groups format
See how we left them flat
But Yahoo will never admit
Groups that are full..

A disgrace right on the net
Many people want to forget
They say more are
Going in there by far
The numbers are their biggest upset...


Rising up in other groups sites
Where they all see our glory
Reality's set and Yahoo still fights
Keeps changing with brand new stories...

You know Yahoo will never
Stop until they sever
Our eyeballs from their sockets by those eyesores
But we're walking through new doors
Stalking laughter and glee
And our fortune will always be
All Yahoo free...

We fled from Yahoo...
We're free from Yahoo...
We've gone from Yahoo...
Don't go to Yahoo...

2003 Ludwig van Catt