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Boot Scootin Yahoo
(To Brooks & Dunn's "Boot Scootin' Boogie")
Out in the chat room
We should have seen the sign
Well there's something in gloom
That makes us resign...
The room starts jumpin', and yet
Yahoo starts to time
And yet forget
In the midst of a rhyme
Its where you get all blue
Due to boot scootin' Yahoo...
I've got a good line
That I must respond and use
For a line where I resign
For Yahoo here did lose
And fire up my temper's flair
And let all hell run
As I'm flying down here to swear
To that place of shun
Tell them where I knew
To stick that boot scootin' Yahoo...
Yeah, you know
Docie doe
Come on, scoot
Let's go shootin' boot
Oh, give us back
To pack...
Say ACK!!!
Yahoo is out of whack!!!
We're gonna turn blue...
And a frown
For that clown
Of renown:
Boot scootin' Yahoo...
My beloved asks me
Says "Hon, what will it be?"
"I want instead
That redhead
So dear
Whose to me near..."
Dances continue...
Our chats hotter than the Fourth of July
I see outlaws
Brooks and Dunn
All makin' us one
Within that boot scootin' Yahoo...
CHORUS (and Repeat)
Love me
My beauty...
My baby...
Say adieu:
Boot scootin' Yahoo...
Oh beauty mine
So divine...
Say adieu:
Boot scootin' Yahoo...
© 2001 Ludwig van Catt
Take Me Away
(Parody of “Cowboy Take Me Away”)
I said I wanna pound the earth
Wanna break it for all its worth
I wanna blow the Groups up and make it sound
As I pound hard on the ground…
In the comfort of my home
In a mild rage over Yahoo
In their glitch for you
Oh this sounds bad for me and you:
Please just take me away
Into this world as you to me say
In your eyes so blue
Let me please continue
Closer to Yahell below
And we’re close to know
That they do blow…
They wanna walk and not run
They wanna skip all their fun
Some wanna look at the glitches here
And it only brings to me a tear…
I wanna have a lot of fun
While things get done
With my own comic style…
I will make you smile
That cure sounds good to me…I said
Let’s hit Yahoo instead…

© 2001 Ludwig van Catt  
Yahoo Glitches
(Parody Of “Wide Open Spaces”)

Who doesn't know what I'm talking about
Who's never been mad, who's never stuck out
Their tongue out at one very deserving
And Yahoo’s gotten a bit more unnerving

Many words from them will sound hollow
A founder finds it hard to swallow
It takes its shape in a place normal day
But it pisses us off in every way

Don’t need wide Yahoo glitches
Less room to make big mistakes
With fewer bitches
We need a few breaks

We traveled this route here before
Not knowing what is for us in store
It won't be coming back or will it come back
With a new glitch which will be out of whack…

As Yahoo drives us members nuts, aloud we yell:
“Welcome to the abyss…And Welcome to Sweet Yahell”
“It ain’t so bad once you get used to it
It still smells like Bandini had been lit”

We need a few breaks
And for goodness sakes
No more disgraces
On open spaces…
© 2001 Ludwig van Catt  
We Swear
(Parody of John Michael Montgomery's "I Swear")

I see the anger in your eyes
I know the temper's on the rise...
You can be sure that they'll fix that glitch...
Cause they'll be sickened by every bitch???
If only a sigh of relief
And a little belief
That they'll fix that glitch...

We swear
At that little stinking red "Y"
Tempers high
We swear
Those back 40s running with pride
Run and hide
As members we're not
We founders have fought
The fact we don't exist just anywhere
And swear...
We tell them everything they can
To shove their glitches with their two hands
We want to hang Yahoo...oh...so high
Because they're graying all our hair...
You won't have to ask if they did care
They will turn that glitch on high
Causing many a sigh...


We swear
At the glitches all seen and heard...
Flippin' bird...
We swear
Yahoo's runnin' by 404...
We want more
Yet better than flubs
For the Yahoo clubs
Though love 'em through every glitch of terror...
We swear...
And swear...

© 2001 Ludwig van Catt
Yahoo needs a change
(To Neal McCoy's "For a Change")

It seems like all our lives
That Yahoo's been throwin' knives
Here always at our head...
We post every kind of thread
That Yahoo's, been actin' pretty strange...

Shut off an hour or two
From postin' that what is due
But I never thought I'd get through...
From that ever lovin' glitch
'Cause pretty soon we'd bitch
And be lookin' for a change...

Yes a change
We can see a little trouble
When we see that red Y...
We swear...at Yahoo a little louder
Every time we hear that name...
You know we could never see why
The glitches we see double
To make them prouder
I'm talkin' 'bout their claim to fame
I'm not gonna bitch
On this glitch...

Hey, I must confess
Yahoo's just a mess
Every single time they've pissed
Us off when we have missed
I'd like their necks to caress
With two hands for makin' this mess...

Say bye to Yahell's lust
We've seen that they're a bust
They look the other way
From complaints from today...
Ever since they should arrange
These clubs lookin' for a change...
They’re too strange…

© 2001 Ludwig van Catt
Stinkin’ Problem
(To “Thinkin’ Problem” – David Ball/David Allan Coe)
Yes, I’ll admit Yahoo’s a stinkin’ problem
What the hell’s wrong with them?
Fumigation alone did prove
That damn smell you just can’t remove…
They must admit they got a stinkin' problem
Yahoo thinks that they’re a gem…
Once those glitches hit
The whole thing turns into shit…
Yahoo should wake up one day
Take the glitches away
Yet once our posting
Starts to bring
No complaint…
HEY!!! Why’d you faint???
Anyone here remember how good it used to be?
You can’t? Well, I think it was a passin’ memory…
Yahoo is now a flop
And they don’t know how to stop…
© 2001 Ludwig van Catt