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I promised a few changes in the Hymnal format in YaPurgatory...as well as a few surprises... Hope you like it almost as much as I did in creating the Hymnal...
Ludwig van Catt
Welcome to the Yahell Hymnal

We must now
Be having a cow
When dealing with a site
That screws us left and right
Instead, my friends
This little message sends
A little melody for you:
Let's sing along with Yahoo
And let many a bitch
Be heard over their next bouncing baby glitch
But...please no gripes
As I feel this to be justified
For a further insult to Yahoo glide...

5-23-2001 Ludwig van Catt

YAHOO SUCKS!!!!! (revised)
(To "Our Site Sucks")
(Click here for the original lyric)
Yahoo sucks!!!
Yahoo sucks!!!
It ain't the place to spend your bucks
Yahoo sucks!!!
Their groups are bad
So bad there's no excusing
Many a spam ad
The members they're confusing
Yahoo groups really blow
Yes...It really does show
They had screwed us out of a good clubs format
Everywhere I go it smells like a dead rat...
Yahoo sucks
Yahoo sucks
It's just they really don't give two f*cks
2002 Ludwig van Catt

The Christmas parodies are now found at The Yahell Christmas Songbook as well as more YaSPAM parodies to be found at The Final Insult...  On top of that I decided to add one more site as an archive for a more "complete" TYH...


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